Six months after out planting these Paulownia have soared.
Lift eqipment used to prune 18 month old trees
Paulownia leaves grow to 3 feet across on one year old trees.
Ball Point Pruning Knife allows pruning to 24 feet.


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Young Paulownia ready to ship and plant

Ben Hill County Extension Director Tim Hall (left) and owner David Drexler measure a 3 year old Americana during the winter dormant season.

This fine plantation of Americana stands 35 feet tall after only three years.



Dottie Drexler measures a young Americana 357.  It's July and the tree was coppiced in February.


Date:  8/25/01
Americana 357

This was planted 4/23/98.
The DBH is 8 inches.


Danny Drexler holds a 16 foot piece of pipe beside a properly pruned Paulownia.  It's late July and it was coppiced in February.




Paulownia in full bloom.


Americana 357

Three years old, during spring bloom.



Rainbow over the plantation.


Paulownia Elongata makes a good shade.  This tree is approximately 5 years old.


Paulownia lumber loaded for shipment for fine furniture.


Bill Livingston and David Drexler discuss Paulownia at the Sunbelt AG Exposition.


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