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    Paulownia Seminar and Consulting

    All workbooks included.
    Noon meal included.
    Pre-registration please.
    Call for last minute plans 1-229-423-7174

    Orders placed for the 2010 season will receive credit for the seminar. Must be 3000  plus trees. The seminar will be a half day in class and then field trips to a 7 year  old plantation and then a 3 year old. All you want to know about paulownia. Will be very informative.

    Topics covered

    History, Growth and ecology. Site Selection, Site preparation. Planting, First Second and Third year care. Wood Characteristics, Propagation, Intercropping, and Storm Damage AND Yield and Marketing And More.

    For additional information about the seminar please call 1-229-423-7174



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